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Available in 4 Plan – O – Gram packages, each package includes a Proguard Sports POP hanging display that is easily mounted on slat wall or peg board, or can be permanently affixed to the wall.

Proguard Essentials: A variety of Proguard essentials including laces, sweet sticks, hand hones, stick wax, blade butter,
lace tighteners, mouthguards, deluxe helmet repair kits, chinstraps, neck guards, skate guards, blade mates and EZ Sauce.
*Choose your colors (Laces, Mouth Guards, Blade Mates, and Skate Guards).

Skate Guards: 4 styles of deluxe universal skate guards, 5 styles of centipede figure skate guards, and 5 styles of centipede hockey skate guards. *Choose your colors.

Blade Mates: 4 styles of youth walking blade mates, 4 styles of adult walking blade mates, 2 styles of youth blade mates and
2 styles of adult blade mates. *Choose your colors.

Laces: A variety of our boxed laces including classic, waxed, and referee. Available in 6 colors. *Choose your colors.